Games Modes


Arcade (Go 1 on 1 against the computer) 

For "Arcade" mode, the key you hit will determine which side you play on. If you chose with one of Player One's keys, your character will play on the left side. If you chose with Player Two's keys, you will start on the right side.

Versus (Go 1 on 1 against your friend)


Team Arcade (Play various team-up modes against the computer)
For the "team" modes, you first choose what team mode you would like to play in. Press up/down to choose a mode. Some modes, such as Turns mode, allow you to set the number of players on a team by pressing left/right. Press a key to choose an option. In "Team Arcade", after selecting your players, you have a choice of your opponents' team mode. These are the different kinds of team modes:
  Single - Just you alone. Your character has 1 rounds.
  Simul  - You and a partner at the same time. Your team has 1 rounds.
  Turns  - You and up to 3 partners. When one character is KOed, the next will join in. Each character has 1 round.

The characters' starting life will be adjusted according the number of players on each side.

 Team Versus (Play various team-up modes against your friend)


 Team Co-op (Gang up against the computer with your friend)

Team Co-op is slightly different. The only team mode allowed is Simul, which is automatically selected. Player One first gets to select his character, followed by Player Two selecting the partner character. When Player Two is done, Player One chooses the opponent's team mode.


 Survival (See how long you can last in an endless battle!) 
In Survival mode, there is an endless stream of opponents. The objective is to beat as many opponents as possible. The game is over when your team gets KOed. You can choose to play alone or in a team.
Single player mode gives you highest life points and healing (when you win a round). The more players you have on your team, the less damage each player can take, and the less each healing you get after each round.


 Survival Co-op (Play survival mode with your friend as a partner) 


 Traiding (Try out moves and combos) 

Training Menu
A training menu is available in Training mode. You can choose menu items with your directional keys and exit Pause Mode by pressing any attack key or Pause. The following options are available:
Dummy control: Cooperative, AI, or Manual
When in cooperative mode, the dummy will perform the actions you specify elsewhere in the training menu. When in AI mode, the dummy will act like a normal computer opponent. When in manual mode, the dummy can be controlled with the opponent's keys.
Guard mode: None, Auto

If guard mode is set to Auto, the dummy will attempt to block most attacks. If guard mode is set to None, the dummy will not block any attacks.
Dummy mode: Stand, Crouch, Jump, W Jump

Depending on your selection, the dummy will stand, crouch, or repeatedly jump. If you choose W Jump, the dummy will keep air jumping as long as it can.
Distance: Any, Close, Medium, Far

If you choose Close, Medium, or Far, the dummy will try to keep the appropriate distance from you by walking forward/backward as necessary. If you choose Any, the dummy will not move forward or backward.
Button jam: None, A, B, C, X, Y, Z, Start

The dummy will repeatedly mash the selected button. Good for testing a character's blocking.

You can minimize the training menu by pressing M while it is active. Press M again to reenable it.


 Watch (AI-controlled characters fight) 

In "Watch" mode, first choose the team mode and characters to be on Player One's side, then do the same for Player Two.


 Config (Set up basic game options) 


Levels (10 levels)


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Beta 1.0 (will be erased)
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Last Beta 1.1 (will be erased)
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